Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to get a visa to enter Ukraine? If so, can you help me to get a visa to Ukraine?

Since visa regulations can change at any time, for the latest information, it is best if you check the web site for theĀ Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. If you do find that you need to get a visa prior to arrival in Ukraine, please note that I do not directly provide visa support services. However, I may be able to refer you to visa agencies within Ukraine that could help you obtain the required supporting documentation.

Do you have apartments for rent other than those shown on the site?

I know quite a few of the landlords that have apartments for rent in Kharkov. The few apartments you see listed on the “Apartments” page are those from my apartments database that have proven to be the most popular with my clients. Please contact me if you have reauirements that are not met by any of the apartments you see listed on that page.

While I am in Kharkov, if I need you to meet me to help as a guide/interpreter, can I just request your help for 30 minutes or one hour?

If I am meeting my clients in person (as opposed to, say, on Skype), the minimum assistance period is 2 hours since Kharkov is a large city and it could take me up to a couple of hours to come from my home to the client’s location and then to get back home, and so it would not make sense for me, for example, to come and meet a client for just 30 minutes. You will find that most guide/nterpreters, whether in Ukraine or other countries, have a similar policy.

What happens if you have booked an apartment for me but for some reason I am unable to come to Kharkov or I decide to make alternative accommodation arrangements. Is it possible to request a refund?

Of course, I realize that your needs/plans may change after you have paid for an apartment booking. In such situations, I wish that I could issue you a full refund. However, the reality is that all of the landlords whose apartments I offer to my clients have a cancellation fee (depending on the landlord, ranging fromĀ one night’s rent to 50% of the total rent). So, I will be to give you a refund of the full amount you paid minus this cancellation fee.