Mila Lobunko

Your Kharkov Guide, Interpreter, and Personal Assistant

Dear visitors,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lyudmila (Mila for short) Lobunko, and I am 37 years old. I live in Kharkov, in the north-east part of Ukraine.

I received an excellent education in English language studies at Kharkov National University (where i studied for 6 years and received a first-class degree with honors/distinction in 2007). Since 2008, I’ve been working for myself, helping hundreds of foreign clients who have come to Ukraine on business/pleasure. Examples include:

  • helping a British client to buy and renovate a studio apartment (during the process helping him with getting a Ukrainian tax ID and opening a non-resident bank account);
  • assisting a Canadian client with the rental of a private apartment and finding an English-speaking dentist (specializing in implants) working in a clinic within 5 minutes’ walk of this apartment;
  • working as a personal matchmaker for a divorced 38 year old American man (software developer) to help him find (and eventually marry) a 28 year old girl (working as a personnel//HR manager in a software company); and
  • working as an interpreter with a European magazine (The European Times) writing a report about the 2012 European Football Championship to help them conduct interviews with Kharkov residents about their feelings regarding Ukraine being the host country for the games.

That’s why I believe that I am highly qualified as a guide and interpreter. I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have and to guide you through any difficult situations you may face while you are in Ukraine. In particular, it would be my pleasure to help you with:

  • Interpreting at business meetings, personal meetings, 3-way calls, conferences, doctors’ appointments, etc. (English-Ukrainian, English-Russian, Ukrainian-English, Russian-English).
  • Translation of business documents or personal correspondence.
  • Guiding: tours within Kharkov and around its countryside (“Kharkov Oblast”).
  • Private Russian/Ukrainian language lessons for foreign nationals or English language lessons for Ukrainians.
  • Meeting at Kharkov/Kiev airport, bus station, or train station and transfer by private car to your accommodation.
  • Booking comfortable, well-located, reasonably-priced accommodation (apartments or hotel rooms).
  • Personal introductions to family-oriented ladies whom i know personally.

You can reach me via phone, email, Skype, or Viber:

Email: or (this is also my PayPal ID)

Phone: +380 98 238 87 98

Skype: My Skype ID is “Mila-interpreter”

Viber: You can add me as contact using my mobile/cell number (+380 98 238 87 98)