Client Testimonials

I first met Lyudmila Lobunko (Mila) in May, 2007, when she did some translating work for me on a dating holiday in Ukraine.

The first thing I noticed about Mila was her intelligence and enthusiasm for language: it is immediately clear that she loves to learn how to communicate with many different people and is constantly working on improving her already extensive knowledge of English. She also enjoys teaching the willing student some of the simpler points of Russian

The second thing I noticed was her sense of honor and integrity: whether she is doing table-work, or facilitating with touring arrangements and accommodations, or involved in the very intimate task of romantic interpreting, there is no mistaking to whom she extends her loyalties: her client is her highest priority. Her work ethic is impeccable: for more than a week on several occasions she translated for me from noon until midnight, and never once seemed bored or distracted.

At present, she is not only providing romantic interpreting for me, but she also assists me with shopping, housing, and transportation, and I have hired her to write the Russian subtitles for my films.

Finally, and perhaps synthesizing all these other qualities, what I have found in Mila is a devoted friend whose company I cherish, and whose wisdom and advice are among the best I get.

Jonathan Schork (Florida, USA)

I met Mila via an email through another person who used her services, but never got a chance to come visit her and Anton until October 2013.  We would stay in contact and urged me to come as she could introduce me to a very nice woman.  At first I did not take her advice and also going to Ukraine for vacation takes a lot of planning when traveling from Alaska.  So finally I made the trip and I went for two reasons, I like Ukraine very much and wanted to meet Mila and Anton (after almost 6 years); she has a very good sense on who she will introduce you to based on your personality.   She personally knows these women as her website states.  Also I experienced myself about her honesty and sincerity.  Mila and Anton are some of the most wonderful people I have met from Ukraine and I consider myself blessed to count them as my friends.

If you are serious about this, then use her services; but this is not a fairy tale.  International relationships add a new element to learning about another person.  This has nothing to do with Mila and Anton, this is all about you making the most of an opportunity that is presented to you!

As I write this I am corresponding to a woman that Mila introduced me to and have tickets to go back April of 2014.  We seem to get along great, we Skype twice each day and Skype has a translation app you can download. I realized through Mila there is a group of women that are not associated with agencies that are looking for men, (yes Mila…I should have listened to you 6 years ago :-).  Read the other testimonies here and they all say the same thing.  If anyone has any doubts about her and Anton, you can contact me at my email below. Gary Cook (Alaska, USA)

My name is Michael Gavelek and I am from Tampa, Florida. I have been to Kharkiv, Ukraine two times and I had the pleasure of having Mila as my interpreter for both weeks.

Mila has a fluent understanding of English and can assist someone with anything. In addition however, Mila has a wonderful and warm personality and is a lot of fun. You would enjoy every minute that you spent with her as your interpreter. She also knows a lot about Ukraine, Kharkiv and the culture and history of the Ukrainian people…not to mention where you can get some of the best Ukrainian food or festive atmospheres. Mila is very intelligent and mature and is also a very beautiful woman. So if you are looking for someone that you will really enjoy having as your interpreter, or a friend, I would highly recommend Mila.

Michael Gavelek (Florida, USA)

My name is Steven Evans, I am a British citizen and I live in Sheffield, England. I have on many occasions visited Ukraine. In particular, I have visited the city of Kharkiv and on these occasions I have required the services of a translator. On my last two trips I have had the privilege of employing the services of Mrs Lyudmila Lobunko ( I know her as Mila) and I have found her exceptionally competent, not only does she translate to a very high standard, she can also sort out difficult issues. I find Mila to be very alert and is always attentive as she takes her job very seriously is aware of accommodation problems and is quick to sort them out. She always attends to the clients best interest and she will always give an honest appraisal of the various dilemmas. I find Mila a very honest person, with a high intellect and a very big heart. I would recommend her to you whether it be on an individual basis or for a company position. She will be a great asset. This is a true statement by Steve Evans.

Steven Evans (Sheffield, UK)

My name is Scott Selman, and I currently live in Athens, Georgia.

I have traveled to Ukraine a handful of times since 2005. In July of 2008 I had the pleasure of meeting Mila and using her as my interpreter. Mila was very helpful during my last stay in Kharkov, and she pointed out some places that I should experience while I was in her city that were unknown to me. Her knowledge and fluency in English is exceptional, including her knowledge of the slang phrases or words that I spoke on occasion. Mila has a very warm personality, and it is easy to speak with her and exchange ideas. She was also very honest with me, and I always felt like there was someone looking out for my best interest when she offered advice.

I would highly recommend Mila as an interpreter or guide if you are visiting Ukraine.

Scott Selman (Georgia, USA)

My experience with Mila as my interpreter and guide was absolutely the best! This young woman was so pleasant to be around, always smiling, always happy, very smart and beautiful and just a joy to be with. Her English is perfect, as is her skills as a translator and guide. She goes out of her way to take care of you and make sure you have everything you need. Mila helped me find a store near my apartment and took me shopping to get essential items i needed for my stay at the apartment, food, water, etc. One thing I worried about for my visit to Kharkov was the food. Mila took me to many restaurants and the food was fantastic at all of them. After a short time with Mila you will know that you have made the right choice for an interpreter/guide, and you will have made a friend for life! Thank you for all your help Mila, I love you!

Feel free to contact me to ask questions about my trip or Mila’s services.

Jim (Florida, UK)

I hired Mila in April 2017 to act as translator.

In all situations she acted professionally and in my best interest. Further, she has a wonderful personality and we developed a real friendship.

Her understanding of english is impeccable. Understands much of american culture.

I give her my highest recommendation. Personally I would use no one else in future….

Mike (Florida, USA)

Mila Lobunko is a hard working and dedicated young woman that has “street smarts”. She is much more experienced about these sorts of situations and types of people than her years would imply. You can rely on her and her husband, Anton, to help you and make everything smooth and easy as it can be in Ukraine. She will give you advice if you want or she will stay quiet and hold her opinions to herself. But she will never try to tell you what to do with your heart or life. Ethics and principals. These qualities stand out in Mila and Anton. You need never fear of their honesty and sincerity towards you. And you will never find a guide or translator who will work harder to help you in Ukraine.

Dwight Betts (Texas, USA)

I had the pleasant experience of working with Mila during my trip to Kharkov in November of 2013. When my baggage was delayed due to a flight mix up she helped me through getting my baggage. Her insight was every bit as valuable as her excellent interpreting skills and it made my stay all the better. I highly recommend her and I would definitely have had a much harder time if I had not gone with her services. I’m a person who spends his money on value, not on price and be sure you consider this in your evaluation of what is available in Kharkov.

James Young (Wisconsin, USA)

I had the pleasure of taking a vacation to Kharkov for 9 days. I did all my planning for my stay with Mila and Anton. They are very professional and took very good care of me. The apartment was in the very city center and safe. The restaurants were fantastic along with the sight seeing. I had a great time in Kharkov thanks to Mila and Anton. I highly recommend Mila for any business travel, translator service, tourism, transport service and all other travel needs you may wish for. Mila and Anton will take care of all your travel needs. I will be back to Kharkov in the future and when I do, I will be using Mila’s service and friendship ..

Brent Page (Kansas, USA)

I hired Mila in April 2017 to act as translator. In all situations she acted professionally and in my best interest. Further, she has a wonderful personality and we developed a real friendship.

Her understanding of english is impeccable. Understands much of american culture.

I give her my highest recommendation. Personally I would use no one else in future….

Mike (Florida, USA)

I met Mila in the summer of 2008 after being recommended to her by many other people who had been happy with her service.

I have to say that from the moment I first met Mila, I was very impressed with her wonderful enthusiasm and it was obvious she was only too happy to help me! I decided that I would come back in the summer of 2009 and use her services properly and I never looked back! She worked incredibly hard for me and did everything I asked of her. Her service was first class and without her I could never of met my wonderful Ukrainian wife who has just recently got her spouse VISA to UK! Mila continues to support us to this day. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to find true love.

Darren Pitman (Sheffield, UK)

I previously studied Russian at a local community college in the evening for a few years and was looking for a way to improve my Russian before traveling to Ukraine. After becoming aware of Mila’s services, I realized that her one-on-one lessons in Russian would be very valuable for developing my conversational skills that have unfortunately lagged behind my reading skills. During the last eight months, I have studied Russian with Mila for two hours a week on Skype, and I am very happy with the results. Every lesson we spend an extensive amount of time talking about various events in my life in Russian, which has helped me to begin to develop the language skills to communicate these events to other people in Russian.

Mila also gives me assignments that include learning vocabulary, grammar, and translating from English-to-Russian and Russian-to-English. Mila is very detail oriented, has very high standards, and works to a long-term plan. For example, she laid the foundations for my first trip to Ukraine through the study of the names of many local food dishes, how to give complements, how to inquire about being married or single, talk about professions, the weather, slang, etc. As Mila came to know me, she wrote 200 to 250 word texts in English about my work, interests, and other aspects of my life, which she then asked me to translate and memorize. During my first trip to Ukraine, these memorized texts were invaluable as I was able to take sections of the texts and modify them to match the context of the questions asked.

I quickly came to realize that Mila is very honest and upholds the highest standards in her business dealings. Before my first trip to Ukraine, Mila arranged an apartment rental in Kharkov, which I found to be very lovely once I arrived. She and her husband Anton picked me up at the airport, and they picked me up each day to go to various meetings or sightseeing. Using Anton’s driving services was much more pleasant than hassling with taxis. Many days Mila would work for me from morning until late evening showing the same enthusiasm the entire time. Mila is an excellent hostess and all of the restaurants she suggested were very high quality; however, when some detail was not to Mila’s high standards, she was right on the waiter and had it fixed immediately. When we visited various historical sites in and around Kharkov, it became clear that Mila is also very good tour guide and knows the history of the Ukraine and Kharkov well.

Since Mila is very familiar with my Russian skills, she would encourage me to speak Russian in situations where she knew I had sufficient knowledge to be successful. If I had trouble, she would correct me in real-time and clarify issues. When the conversations became more abstract with nuanced communication that exceeded my ability to communicate in Russian, we would switch entirely to Mila interpreting from Russian to English and visa-versa. Mila is perfectly fluent in English and has a very good knowledge of American slang and culture, which makes conversing with her very easy, and gives me the sense that she is able to accurately translate what I want to communicate. I now realize that my first trip to Kharkov could have been a disaster if I had tried to do it by myself; instead it was a very pleasant experience, and I plan to return soon.

In summary, Mila is very honest, hardworking, has excellent attention to detail, upholds the highest standards in her business dealings, and always looks out for her client’s best interests. She is perfectly fluent in the English language and is an excellent interpreter and teacher. Mila is also an excellent hostess and tour guide. As a person, she is very positive and cares about her clients and their success. I recommend her services without reservation.

Douglas (Washington, USA)

Here is my testimonial about Mila-Kharkov based interpreter/translator, guide…

Before I had met Mila in real life, there were two e-mails before our meeting. However I had planned and booked my trip to Kharkov before I found her and after reading some not very good info about the agencies and the way they work, I had doubts whether to go on a trip or not? There was no way back to cancel my trip and I decide to make it a good vacation of it and who knows what can happen. I know it wasn’t the right time of the year (winter).

I had left my house on 06:15 AM of 8th of January 2010 from Ok, my trip wasn’t as planned, one day delay, and I had informed Mila and she has me helped very great. When I was arrived on 08:30 PM of 9th of January 2010, Mila and Anton (Mila’s husband as (taxi / private) driver) were ready to pick up me from the bus (station) and they had me a warm welcome given!

I’ve asked to bring me to the apartment what I had booked on the Internet before, but when I was arrived in the apartment, I wasn’t impressed such as the photo on the website said, it was too small, like a doghouse, even the kitchen was too small. Mila deals with apartment rentals and she offered me one of the apartments she had, so we decide to go and look. I really liked it as it was brand new and big and cozy. I said to Mila “I feel like at home”. That made me a bit less distrust, because I was very negative about my experience (Mila knows why, and I don’t want to explain it here). I asked Mila for help to go to a supermarket for food and other things what I need for some days. When we had shopped and we were back at the apartment, I told Mila that I’m very and very tired, and I had a little two days not slept and not enough ate. So, I had eaten and want to go to my bed. 13 hours later, I waked up and decide to take my rest and I had my first walk alone (500 meters) to the supermarket and bought some things (yeah, I don’t understand Russian or Ukrainian languages), but I was clever enough, I can read some things, because I do learn Russian language for a half year, and I know a lot of the Cyrillic characters. When you can read the Cyrillic characters / alphabet, and than it’s easy to make the good words and a lot of them are a bit equal as in my country, but I don’t want to go into the detail here or want to give a Russian lessons here.

Monday, I want to take my rest again and I had walked around the city and seen some nice and not nice things. Tuesday, Mila called my and she wants to talk with me, and I was in my apartment and I’ve told Mila that she is welcome. When she was arrived, we have talked with each other, but I was skeptical and very surly. However, I had Mila a chance given. At the first, she is a good interpreter and tour guide and a good partner to listen of you and she treat of you as a real friend.

After some days when I was go with Mila and Anton (it was very beautiful), Mila introduced me to my destiny in Kharkov. Mila is not only a good translator/interpreter that works on the fly when you talk or listen to the other, when you have a good and tasty dinner, but she can also regulate the accommodation and entertainment. In other words, she does everything what’s possible for you, what your wish. Of course, she knows what her clients want.

Mila, you did a great job for me and of course one of your best relative / friend. Mila, I’m proud of you what you has done, and I want your service forever when it’s needed, when I’m in Kharkov.

Dick Brandon (The Netherlands)

I have traveled extensively in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus over the past few years. As such, I have become knowledgeable in Russian. Although I know Russian, I sometimes have trouble understanding different idioms and my vocabulary is not as extensive as I would like. Basically, my Russian is rusty for the first few days in Eastern Europe. As such, I hired Mila as an interpreter for a recent trip to Kharkov to meet with some women I already knew. She also introduced me to some other women she knew, and I was impressed with most of them.

In 10 trips to Eastern Europe, I have only used an interpreter on 3 previous trips. Of all the interpreters I have encountered, Mila was the most competent and knowledgeable about English. Mila also helped me with my Russian. She kindly said several days after I knew her that she believed I understood almost everything, but I just needed more practice. I have not utilized her Russian language courses, but I believe it would be invaluable to someone that has no experience with the Russian language. I think it is a must for anyone traveling for business or pleasure in any country to learn some of the language.

Honestly, I must admit . . . I am biased about Mila. During my time in Kharkiv, we became friends and we “adopted” each other as brother and sister. I also became friends with her husband, Anton. My girlfriend and I spent time with them as friends. Mila is mature for her age and a joy to be around. She is very capable and I trust her. I do not trust many people. I have continued to maintain contact with her. She really is akin to my little sister. Granted, you may not get “adopted” as her brother, but your experience with her will be professional and enjoyable. I am certain it will be a relationship that will assist you in whatever endeavor you pursue in Ukraine. I know she can facilitate anything you require in Kharkiv or whatever your destination may be. She even helped me obtain an apartment in Kiev for my return trip, which was less expensive than I could have obtained on my own. Moreover, it was probably the most comfortable place I had stayed in 7 stays in Kiev. She will also assist with deliveries of flowers for special occasions. Holidays are very important in Ukraine, so trust her to help you with them. If you hire someone other than Mila, then you will have made a big mistake. With Mila, you will not only have hired an interpreter, you will certainly make a friend.

Safe journey and good luck!

James S. (USA)

Hello Everyone!

I’m glad that you decided to look at Mila’s testimonies page. Let me first tell you, that if it wasn’t for (Mila) My trip would have been a disaster. Instead I had the best experience ever!

I visited Kharkov in May 2009. I called Mila only 2 days before I was to arrive in Kharkov because my other plans fell through. Mila said (No problem) I can help you.Help me she did. Mila and her husband Anton took me grocery shopping and site seeing all over Kharkov.

Mila’s understanding/speech of the English language was amazing. She even knew some slang terms that we use in the states,such as (Okie Doke). When I heard her say that,I couldn’t stop from laughing. I never in a million years thought I would hear a Ukrainian women say that.

Mila is a very caring, loving but professional woman. As I got to know Mila and Anton, Mila asked me why I decided to come to Kharkov. I told her to meet a lady. To sum this up faster, Mila saved me from being scammed. Then Mila told me that she knew some ladies. That If I wanted, I could meet them. So I met with one of her friends.

To sum it up. I’m going to use all of Mila’s services next year from finding an apartment, airport pick-up, shopping and meeting with ladies.

I highly recommend Mila if you are in need of a interpreter/guide in Ukraine.If you have any doubts or questions about the services that Mila gave me, feel free to e-mail me.

John Lucas (Illinois, USA)

My name is John Sartori, and I am from the Chicago area in the USA. This is my testimonial of Mila (Lyudmila Lobunko) and her services as an interpreter & guide in Kharkov Ukraine…

If your travels take you to Ukraine, it is important to have a competent guide in navigating your way thru cities like Kharkov. If you seek to find a Ukrainian woman to begin relations with, and one that could potentially become your future wife, then you will want to be sure to have an interpreter who is fluent in their understanding of the Russian/Ukrainian & English languages, and also understands the differences in the cultures as well.

For more success in your journey, I highly recommend Mila as a guide & interpreter. Her interpretation / guide services are of the highest quality, and she has truly been a best friend to me! I also found her English skills to be excellent, and her personality is always cheerful, kind & courteous. In addition, she has always maintained the highest level of professionalism in her services to me as a client. In the past I have used many different translators / interpreters in Ukraine, but none have been as charming & knowledgeable as Mila.

Most importantly, navigating your way thru cities like Kharkov can sometimes be intimidating, especially if you don’t speak fluent Russian, and trying to find a good woman to date can also be a daunting task, especially in a world filled with so many scams. But for me, having Mila as my interpreter when meeting various Ukrainian women was like having a guardian angel by my side! Utilizing Mila’s services allowed me to best maximize my time & money in Kharkov, and as a result, most of my efforts (in trying to find a good woman) were more productive & focused.

Lastly, but also very important, I found a great friend in Mila, and someone who really cared about me as a person! She truly wanted for me to have success my endeavors! In a recent visit to Kharkov I became very sick with a bad cold for several days. Mila brought me medicine and even cooked me some delicious homemade borscht and brought it to my apartment! Mila was truly like family to me! Never before have I received such wonderful & pleasant service from such a nice person! Mila will always go the extra mile for you! I give Mila the highest recommendation possible! 5 STARS! Thanks for everything Mila! You are truly THE BEST!!!

John Sartori (Illinois, USA)

I first met Mila in January of 2014 after being recommended her services by some guys on an internet forum.Travelling to the Ukraine from New Zealand and not knowing anyone from the country can be a daunting experience, especially after 30 hours of flights and airports so when I was met by Mila and her husband Anton at Kharkov airport and they were both so friendly and welcoming to me it was a huge relief. Mila took me grocery shopping, helped me exchange my money for Ukrainian currency, took me to a pharmacy to buy some sleeping pills and helped me settle in my apartment which was very good and in the central city.

Mila’s interpretation services were excellent. It must be hard dealing with English speaking people from so many different countries with so many different accents and having to learn the different slang words of all of them but Mila was great. She made it easy to talk to the women she introduced me to and if the conversation ran dry she always had a good way to prompt some life back into the discussion.

My second trip to Ukraine this year started off as a complete disaster because of difficulties with my visa. I won’t go into the full details of what happened but all I can say to Mila and Anton is thankyou so much for your support and help. You saved my trip, saved me thousands of dollars which would have otherwise been wasted and you introduced me to a lady who I absolutely adore. 

Mila, thank you for making my trips to Kharkov so easy. Thank you for helping me and for being an honest and caring person. You and Anton have made a friend in me, and that is something I will never forget. Kerry (Christchurch, New Zealand)

There is so much to say about Mila and all of it is positive. I went to Ukraine on 26 April 2019 to shoot a short film and had only a few days to do it. Mila was the one who organized everything from the locations to the casting to the scheduling and she did an outstanding job. In fact, I have never met anyone who is as thorough and professional as she is and this is critical for a forgetful person on a tight schedule in a foreign country. Mila is very well-connected in Ukraine and she can find or arrange nearly anything you need through her network. She did the job of an entire small studio and saved me an enormous amount of money. There is no question that this film would not have happened without her diligence and resources. Lastly I must speak about Mila’s warm and genuine nature. She was not only a perfect hostess but a true friend in every sense of the word. When I ran into technical problems transferring money from the US to Ukraine, she actually LOANED me money until the problem was resolved! How many agencies would do that for you? I was so impressed by Mila that I am planning to return to Ukraine and even look into her matchmaking service. If this is how Ukrainian women are then sign me up! If any readers have any doubts or questions about this, then by all means email me

Thormod Skald (Washington, USA)