I can help you either on an “a la carte” basis (whereby you order and pay for individual services) or I can provide you with packages at various price levels that combine a collection of services. For details of how to pay for these services, please see the Payment Methods page.

Personal Matchmaking

There are two options: online introductions and in-person introductions. In both cases, you are introduced only to ladies that match the criteria you have specified (for example, someone 30-40 years, never married, and working as a teacher) and who are interested in learning more about you. The difference is that with online introductions, you pay $50 and for that you get the lady’s profile (including details such as name, profession, eye color, hair color, height, as well as several photos) as well as her personal contact information (phone number, email address, etc), whereas with in-person introductions (in Kharkov), which cost $100 per introduction, I will also accompany you on your date and stay for up to 2 hours, interpreting and helping the conversation flow more easily; this is especially important for first dates since it helps both of you to relax and hopefully leading to a more enjoyable meeting for both of you.

If you plan to visit Kharkov, you can make your life easier AND save money by choosing from one of the three personal matchmaking packages I have created.

Apartment Rental

$30 per order.

On this site, you will find a representative sample of the private apartments I can rent for you, but if you have any special requirements (for example, a 4 bedroom luxury penthouse apartment in a modern building with parking and 24 hour concierge), please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Gift Purchase & Delivery

If you want to make a great impression on someone, very often, a thoughtful, well-chosen gift delivered on time for a special occasion (e.g. birthday, Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day) can work wonders. Depending on your needs, I can help with gift selection, purchase, and delivery.


$20 per hour

$100 per day (up to 8 hours)


$10 per one page letter

$15 for a letter that is is more than one pge

3-Way Conversation Phone/Skype Conversation Interpreting

$0.50 per minute

English/Russian/Ukrainian Lessons

$15 per hour lesson conducted over Skype

$20 per hour for lesson conducted at the student’s home in Kharkov 

Private Guided Tours

I am proud of my city, and I would be very happy to show you around the most interesting places in Kharkov.

$15 per hour

Chauffeured Car Service

For $70 per day, you can have the convenience of having a nice car (a black Kia Ceed) at your disposal throughout the day without needing to bother with public transport or taxis. For special events/occasions (e.g. marriage proposals), I can also arrange for the rental of a strech limousine (usually, this must be for a minimum of 4 hours; please contact me for pricing information).

Transfer To/From Airport, Bus Station, and Train Station To/From Your Accomodation

$40 (includes waiting time, parking fees, and carrying of luggage)