Payment Methods

You can pay for individual services or service bundles you have chosen in several ways:

  • in cash (USD or UAH) upon arrival in Kharkov
  • via PayPal (please send funds, in US Dollars, using the “friends & family” option, to my PayPal ID “”)
  • via TransferWise (this option has very low fees compared to MoneyGram or Western Union; you just need to let me know the first time you want to use this option, and I will then send you my bank details since the funds will be sent by TransferWise directly to my bank account)
  • via Western Union (please send funds, in US Dollars, to “Lyudmila Lobunko”)
  • via MoneyGram (please send funds, in US Dollars, to “Lyudmila Lobunko”)

Generally, for products, e.g. gifts, you need to pay in full in advance. However, for apartments, it is possible to pay only 50% of the cost of your total stay in advance. Should your plans change and you are not able to come to Kharkov, please be aware that refund policies vary (depending on the landlord), but you should expect to lose at least the cost of one night stay in your chosen apartment. Also, for personal matchmaking packages, it is possible to pay only USD 200 in advance, but if you do pay in full in advance, you will receive a 10% discount.Wise